Health Coach

Michelle provides health coaching services for those clients desiring effective weight loss. She found that many clients could not lose weight effectively or keep lost weight off permanently without the health coaching services.

Michelle discovered a unique program that utilizes small frequent protein, carbohydrate and fat balanced meals along with personalized coaching to facilitate lifestyle changes for lasting weight loss and improved health. The coaching component uses phone and email coaching to make the services convenient for you.

The program is effective for three reasons:

1. The foods. This program utilizes frequent small meals that are balanced in carbohydrate and protein and low in fat that help to stabilize blood sugars throughout the day, curb hunger and provide energy and feelings of fullness (satiety). Eating this way helps client’s burn fat for energy and improve their health outcomes through weight loss. The foods are convenient, pre-measured and make staying on the program easy and convenient. The cost is economical and attractive for those trying to watch their grocery bills.

2. The Coaching. Michelle is a Health coach for this program and coaches you virtually (by phone and email) to ensure your weight loss success. The coaching is convenient and easy since you are coached in the comfort of your home or office.

3. The Program.
Michelle utilizes a curriculum to guide you through the program and ensure lifestyle modification so you have lasting results. Lessons in a workbook or DVDs are available to help you learn new life-long healthy habits and eliminate your old “habits of disease.” These lessons along with the coaching services are the bedrock of the program and serve to facilitate lasting behavior change and improved health.

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