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Together we can make a positive difference in each other lives. I am not the food police; I am here to give you the 411 on how to make better choices when it comes to nutrition, physical activity and managing stress throughout the day in our demanding lives. I have helped many people just like you and me. Believe me I understand, how many of you feel like you are a juggler in the circus when it comes to your life? We are trying to balance family, work, eating, exercise, school and our spiritual commitments on a daily basis, it can become overwhelming!

Diets don’t work; we need to make peace with foods and beverages. My dad was a chef and I grew up eating fabulous food and when families sat down at the dinner table and dined together. In today’s time it is much harder to take the time to prepare healthy quick meals but not impossible. Make food and beverage choices that honor your health and taste buds while making you feel well. All foods fit, all calories count you just have to move more and eat less to achieve a calorie deficit. Make smart choices from every food group every day so you can FIT in those small indulgences that make you smile.

We need to focus more on keeping weight off than losing weight. Yo-Yo dieting can actually harm you, not only lowering your metabolism but can also affect your immune system. You know, putting that dangerous jiggle back on your waistline and your behind!

The Power of physical activity is huge. Participate in active play, jump rope, play hop-scotch, hula hoop. On your next date night go bowling or skating instead of going to a movie or out to eat I am personally addicted to Zumba, I like to dance and have fun, you may love the treadmill or for some walking outside is the key.

Adopting stress reducing techniques should also reduce your stress-induced cravings for unhealthy or excessive foods. Why not use the BIG 3 coping solutions, COMMITMENT, CONTROL, and CHALLENGE. Remember you are too blessed to be stressed!

We are triune – body, mind, and spirit – you cannot work on one part and not the others. Let’s strive for more energy, look and feel better with a sense of wellbeing and goal of aging gracefully. Stay focused, and stay positive with my free report on Ten Weight Loss Tips for Life.

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